Tailing Dams

There are many parameters to consider when choosing a location for a tailings storage facility, and the specific method for deposition for the associated tailings. One of the most important factors to consider is the environmental impact the facility will have, and the rest of the design parameters such as the geometry of the dam, drainage facilities and liners as based around this.
When in comes to operating a tailings storage facility NAMCEP has expertise in all three methods of building them namely, cycloned deposition (up -and downstream and centerline deposition), spigot or spray bar deposition as well as paddock or daywall construction.
We concentrate especially in keeping the environmental impact the facility may have to the utmost minimum, ensuring through this way of operating legal and operational compliance throughout.
At the moment we are operating various sites throughout Namibia from Swakopmund region to north of Otjiwarongo.

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