Hydraulic Re-mining

In order to recover residual metals deposited onto tailings dams, use is made of high-pressure monitoring of the dry dam material by means of high-pressure monitoring with monitor guns. It is important that this material is recycled, both for economical and environmental reasons. The removal of redundant material from the dam site also contributes towards the rehabilitation of the land on which the dam is situated.
Slurry delivery to the processing plant is monitored and optimum tonnage and flow rate is maintained while the densities are kept to the site requirements. Monitoring of the water pressure is controlled to the optimize production and the cutting of the operational face. Oversized material and vegetation is removed from the screens on an ongoing basis which provides the plant with clean slurry for the recovery of the minerals.
Cyclone Engineering Projects makes use of different versions of the hydraulic reclamation guns, there is the 2”, 4” and 6” guns which are used for different project requirements and nozzles are changed on the guns for different cuts, flows and densities. The other variations of the hydraulic gun is the conventional manual gun and the fully automated track gun which is used on most operations due to the safety factors involved. The track guns are generally used on the larger projects where higher volumes of tons are required.

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