All about Penstock Decant Systems

A penstock is a water control gate that controls or regulates flow. Penstocks may also be known as Sluice gates or stop gates, and they are designed to regulate flow, divert, level control or isolate. We specialize in the design, manufacture and installation of custom penstock decant systems at Cyclone Engineering Projects.

We pride ourselves in being a renowned supplier and manufacturer of high quality, high performance water control gates for all industries. Aluminium and stainless steel water management products are supplied as standard designs or tailor made to meet specific site requirements.

Our penstocks accommodate client requirements, site specifications, environmental conditions and operational preferences. Turn-key solutions for penstock applications include consultation, design, manufacture, install and commissioning.

Penstocks for hydroelectric installations are usually equipped with a gate system and a surge tank. They can be a combination of any components such as anchor block, drain valve, air bleed valve, and support piers depending on the application. Flow is regulated by turbine operation and is nil when turbines are not in service. It is also used in irrigation dams to refer to the channels leading to and from high-pressure sluice gates.

Penstocks are utilized in mine tailings dam construction. The penstock is normally situated fairly close to the center of the tailings dam and built up using penstock rings. These control the water level, letting the slimes settle out of the water. This water is then piped under the tailings dam back to the plant via a penstock pipeline.

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