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The company Cyclone Engineering Projects of today grew from a small company founded in 2007 by Gerrit van Ryssen. Over the years he has successfully transferred his high level of skill, work ethic, sense of values and professionalism to the various leaders in the organization. Built on solid business principles, the company has attracted new talent and skills to join the team.
Together, the Cyclone Engineering Projects team has stood the test of time and the demands of the mining industry and continues to make an invaluable contribution to the mine tailings industry.
Our track record and stability has positioned us a recognizable leader in tailings deposition, hydraulic as well as mechanical re-mining and mine associated construction services. a firm with a focus on solving problems for their clients

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We offer the following solutions

Hydraulic Re-mining

In order to recover residual minerals deposited onto Tailings Storage Facilities, use is made of high-pressure monitoring of the dry dam material by means of high-pressure monitoring with monitor guns.

Civil Works

Cyclone Engineering Projects not only operates and reclaims Tailings Storage Facilities but also assists with any initial or extra works that are or will be required around the operations to assist with the works that must be conducted.

Tailing Dams

When considering the design of a tailings storage facility there are many parameters which impact on the optimum site selected and the storage and tailings discharge methods used.

Solution Trench

Solution trenches are an integral part of the TSF infrastructure as this will transport water to the RWD.

Siphon Decant System

The Siphon decant system is an alternate decanting system to the penstock or barge operation on the Tailings Storage Facilities.

Return Water Dams

Return water dams “Concrete Lined RWD” are the storage facilities for process water which is sent to the plant or reclamation sites.

Piezometer installation

Piezometer stand pipe gives indications of the phreatic levels inside the tailings storage facilities and this is used for dam safety reports.

Penstock Tower Sleeving

Majority of tailings storage facilities have penstock decant systems which are raised with concrete rings which are staked one on top of the other.

Penstock Decant System

The penstock decant system is operational on majority of the Tailings Storage Facilities and are used to remove process water from the facility.

Jet Rodding

Jet rodding is an important part of tailing facility maintenance as the drains are an important device in the safe operation of the tailings dam.

We take pride in delivering superior services that exceed the expectation of our valued clients.

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