Why it is important to maintain your Siphon Decant System

Cyclone Engineering Projects is passionate about providing the highest calibre of standards of services to a multitude of industries and clients. A siphon decant system has an alternate decanting system to the penstock or barge operation on the tailings dams.

The importance of maintaining your Siphon Decant System is of paramount importance includes ensuring efficiency for operations.

An integrated mine water management, water reuse and reclamation and water treatment is set to the specifications of the client. An additional consideration includes storm water management, water and salt balances, water monitoring systems and impact prediction. All the activities associated with the Siphon Decant System have the small scale mining with water management for mine residue deposits. There are water management for surface mines as well as underground mines.

It should be important to note that a siphon decant system is manufactured for a sequencing batch reactor. Additional components of the Siphon Decant System are that inverted “U” shape siphon. The siphon decanter further comprises of an outlet chamber with an overflow weir.

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